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30 October 2010 @ 02:59 pm
you make me feel like I am home again.  
Gay Christmas (otherwise known as "Halloween") is here again. Historically my favorite time of the year. I must admit that, due to there being a million little things on my plate right now (freelance writing to make a living, dealing with my landlord repairing my deck, looking for work) I have not done much in the way of celebrating. I threw a bunny costume together last night after drinking a bottle of wine with Travis and went out to my friend Laurence's bday/halloween party at the House of Valentine. I'd really like to go to the Squalor queer metal show / Halloween Dance Party tonight, but I'm working until about midnight on the opposite side of town. Other than that, my Halloween related activities have eerily resembled work: I've been performing in a big, 4 night Halloween cabaret/burlesque show (the last performance is tonight) and planning my own Halloween house show for Sunday.

All in all I am busy busy busy, but feeling like a slacker because I have yet to find a new, full time job. It's the unemployment blues. Oh well. Into November I go! Definitely poorer, but trying not to lose my determination.
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ex_princesa on March 4th, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)

I realized MONTHS ago when I lost my blackberry I also lost all your contact information :(

I no longer have your address, phone number, or email... and I am thinking of spending a weekend in Montreal at the end of March! It would be great to see you if that is where you are!

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