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29 September 2010 @ 06:11 pm
Two headed boy.  
Unemployment spreads like cancer. One of my roommates is also on the hunt for new work. Another is enrolled in a government program to improve his French/employability. Now that BOTH jobs AND good weather elude us, the apartment is bustling with roommate nesting. Christine made vegan gingerbread men yesterday. They had multi-colored sprinkle panties and chocolate chips for eyes. David and I got drunk on the cheapest 1 litre bottle of wine available on the Montreal market ($8.50! what a steal!) and played cribbage, discussing the awesomeness of (and practical worries involved in) anal sex.

I went to another job interview today. The office was one of the most depressing spots I'd ever seen. I tried my best to jump through the hoops they laid before me, but the combination of knowing that I was wildly over-qualified / over-competent for the job and knowing that I would be miserable working there made for a less than convincing performance on my part. Half of me hopes that I don't hear from them so that I don't have to turn down work that I desperately need, the other half worries that I won't hear from them and then I'll feel like shit for not getting offered a job that I feel isn't worth my time.

So now I find myself doing freelance writing for magazines and other people's grants while secretly wishing to get a grant of my own or, failing that, a winning lottery ticket. Funny side note: The lotto commission just posted an ad looking for someone to fill a generic admin post and I actually decided not to apply because I think that if you work for the lotto commission than you are disqualified from winning. Oh me and my sad sad dreams of un-earned wealth.

Thank goodness that it's date night. All I can think of if riding over to ML's house with my high heels in the flashy red toe-straps of my bike and ML waiting for me on their porch in a button-up shirt and bow-tie. Oh not-so-young love, you keep me swimming up stream!