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Laura Boo
15 April 2010 @ 02:27 pm
People keep asking me how I am right now and I keep telling each person something wildly different. To one I said that I was hiding. To another I said I was really busy with work and various schemes. To a third I said that I was generally happy. To my sister I said that I felt like my life had no meaning.

Go figure.

My sister's response? "Don't worry bear, we'll find meaning for your life over eggs-beni and mojitos this weekend."

Laura Boo
30 March 2010 @ 12:26 pm
Sometimes i feel like life can only be as good as it is bad or as stable as it is boring. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Probably. At least that's the word on the street.

That being said, I am very much enjoying my triumphs at the moment and somehow managing the equal and opposite reactions.

So here's to triumphs.

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Laura Boo
16 March 2010 @ 05:53 pm
For the last 5 to 7 years, I have spent far more time working towards activist/queer/arts projects than I have towards earning money to live. But that's my choice. I figured out a long time ago that though I do need to keep my head above water (financially), it's these "non-profit" projects that feed me and the arts/queer/activist communities are my home and my love. But I have to say, sometimes it's exhausting and unforgiving. I've been wandering around all day feeling empty and hurt and I couldn't understand why. And now I realize: I'm in a state of fallout... now that Radical Queer Semaine is over, I finally have time to come to terms with the fact that I'm running on empty.

Time to:
- Hide
- Write
- Work (for money)
- Clean my room
- Be selfish
- Listen to lots of music
- Sleep
- Hang out with friends
- Be clear about my boundaries (especially to myself)
Laura Boo
08 March 2010 @ 11:32 am
I'm in the thick of Montreal's Radical Queer Semaine, a 10 day festival of hottness, art and politics that my friends and I have organized. There's over 40 events (workshops, parties, films, food, protests, direct actions, performances, music, etc). I'm seriously overworked but also feeling so much more energized and connected. I feel like I hibernated this winter and now spring has exploded into this amazing gathering of folks! I want to sit down and write more about it but, in the meantime, here's a video from Tom de Pekin, an artist that I discovered at our short film screening on Saturday night.

This video is awesome, by not work safe.

Laura Boo
22 February 2010 @ 02:51 pm
I keep experiencing these really vague feelings that everything in my life is make-believe. It's really disconcerting.
Laura Boo
21 February 2010 @ 09:55 am
My dreams were all in black and white last night. When I opened my eyes in the morning, my room was flooded with light. In contrast to my two tone dreams, all the colors in my room looked brighter than they ever had before.
Laura Boo
19 February 2010 @ 01:40 pm
Just when I thought that I'd missed my opportunity to go tobogganing this winter, there's a gorgeous little snow fall! ML and I took a short walk in the slowly falling snow just before bed last night. When it snows like that, all the sounds of Montreal are muffled, it sort of feels like there's a silencer muting everything. As we chatted, I felt like our voices were so loud and must be the only noise being made for miles.

I'm extremely happy lately. I keep thinking about how drastically my life has changed in the last year and a half and how it continues to evolve so rapidly. It feels like some changes are for the better and some for the worse, but in general I am trying to keep my outlook positive. Sometimes it is hard. Money is tight. Work is unsatisfying. My big dreams of starting my own business are stalled because I cannot find the right space and a sympathetic landlord. I sometimes still feel like Montreal is a stranger to me and I am far far from home. Still, I look around and see that I have an incredible family of good folks, I am growing into a person that I like more and more (a stronger, gentler, more self-assured, sexier, wiser person) and I feel like the world is full of adventures that I have yet to go on.

I live in the details lately.... The perfect set of earrings for a perfectly composed outfit, the right spices in my food, a kiss on exactly the right spot on the back of my neck to make me shiver, the specific disfunctions of my old typewriters that make my letters to friends unique, the way voices sound better when they whisper, the meticulous way that I track all my appointments on my wall calendar, the way that making my bed and a to-do list everyday makes me feel like life is "under control", reading quietly in bed and falling asleep with the book on my chest, that crackling noise that old vinyl makes before the first song on the record starts, doing the dishes at other people's houses, a well-timed comical comment, how I feel when I wear high heels, the way smoke curls on the way out of someone's mouth, listening to music that I have never heard before or music that I loved when I was a teen but haven't listened to in a decade, text messages from co-conspirateurs, when all my dance moves work perfectly with every moment of music and every other body on the dance floor, the way in which my chosen family is a mish-mash of incredibly dissonant personalities that function together so delightfully.... really, is there anything other than details?

Photo by Logan Curley @ House of Faux Pas, Feb 2010. With Damien Luxe, Laura Boo, Johnny Forever, Laurence Laurence, Christine Thorne, Jordan Arsenault
Laura Boo
In defense of the black bloc: A communique from Olympic resisters

February 14th, 2010 – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

On February 12th and 13th, 2010, thousands of courageous individuals came
together to resist the 2010 Olympic police state and to attack the
corporations plundering the land and deepening poverty. We write this
communique as participants in and organizers of the black bloc presence at
these demonstrations, known as “Take Back Our City” and “2010 Heart

On February 12th, the Vancouver Police Department pacified us with a force
of mounted police. The next day during 2010 Heart Attack, they deployed
riot police armed with M4 carbine assault rifles. They claim this was
necessary in order to stop the march from “jeopardizing public safety” – yet the
only threats to public safety were in their own hands. Participants in the
demonstration only undertook strategic attacks against corporations
sponsoring the Olympics and did not harm or attack bystanders.

The media are now busy denouncing the political violence of property
destruction, such as the smashing of a Hudson's Bay Company window, as
though it were the only act of violence happening in this city. They
forget that economic violence goes on daily in Vancouver. People are
suffering and dying from preventable causes because welfare doesn't give
enough to afford rent, food or medicine, and because authorities routinely
ignore the medical emergencies of poor or houseless individuals. This
economic violence has gotten worse as we lose housing and social services
because of the Olympic Games. In response to this assault, thousands took
to the streets, hundreds joining what is known as a black bloc.

The black bloc is not a formal organization; it has no leadership,
membership, or headquarters. Instead, the black bloc is a tactic: it is
something people *do* in order to accomplish a specific purpose. By
wearing black clothing and masking our faces, the black bloc allows for
greater protection to those who choose active self-defense. The majority
of people involved in the black bloc do not participate in property
destruction. However, in masking up they express their solidarity with
those who choose to take autonomous direct action against the
corporations, authorities and politicians who wage war on our communities.

Participation in the black bloc is an act of courage. With only the
shirts on our backs and the masks on our faces, we took to the streets
against Canada's largest ever “peacetime” police force. Protected only by
black fabric and the support of our comrades, we stood in front of
antiriot cops armed with assault rifles, pistols and batons. We proved that $1
billion of “security” couldn't prevent us from clogging the heart of
downtown Vancouver and crashing a party of 100 000 people -- and getting
away with it.

You won't ever know who was in the black bloc this weekend, but you *do*
know us. We are the people who organize community potlucks, who dance
during street festivals, who make art, defend the land, build co-ops,
bicycles and community gardens. When we put on our black clothing, we are
not a threat to you, but to the elites.

Whoever you are, one day you will join us. As long as government and
corporations attack our communities, we're going defend – and that means


Two organizers and participants in the anarchist presence of the “Take
back our city” demonstration and “2010 Heart Attack” street march,
February 2010, Coast Salish Territories

Laura Boo
Things are kinda crap because:

- The city of Montreal has decided that my $37 jaywalking (yes, jaywalking) ticket from last April (which I paid, by the way) is now going to actually cost me $200 more dollars because I was late on the initial payment (by 5 or 6 weeks)... or else they are taking away my driver's license. Basically, the city is a better extortionist than the mafia.
- I am extremely strapped for cash lately... I am surviving fine, but definitely reviving my old student lifestyle vis-a-vis food, fun and transportation. Lots of long walks instead of metro rides, hang-outs in people's kitchens instead of bars or restaurants and lots meals that involve rice and nearly rotten vegetables found on the sale rack at the supermarket.
- My quest for change in my life continues... but has still seen no big breaks. I was offered an office job that I didn't want (insurance industry, ugh) and went on another interview for a job that turned out to be disturbing (cubicle farm of hall monitors doing credit checks, double ugh). The D.Work seems to be taking forever to get off the ground as I get sort of dicked around by the management at the dungeon. The search for a venue/commercial space is stagnant because landlords are douchebags. I am feeling mildly discouraged.
- Speaking of landlords being douchebags, I continue to have conflict with mine. The epic saga of the kitchen sink has become positively ridiculous. Somehow this man manages to shirk his responsibilities by making it an absolute nightmare to deal with him... that way his tenants hardly bother to talk to him about problems because he is so traumatic. Basically, this is how I feel about this guy:

Yet, at the same time, things are pretty awesome because:

- Things with ML continue to be more lovely than I ever could have anticipated.
- I woke up this morning with books twisted and folded into the blankets on my bed. It made me feel like books are my secret lovers that I have to tidy up and make presentable in the morning.
- I am getting back into the groove of scheduling regular hang-outs with all the excellent folks in my life after the extreme upheaval known as traveling-christmas-newyears-january. This keeps me simultaneously grounded within my community and fills my head with fabulous ideas and projects and dreams. I feel lucky that my friends are so smart, creative and interesting.
- Having David (my roommate from the Homo and 1/2 House days) around all the time has been a true comfort these days. I've been really missing my family a lot recently and David is sort of like a brother to me, so it makes the hurt less hurtful.
- Listening to lots of Beirut and Fever Ray.
- A long lost shoe is coming back to me. This is a really great pair of shoes and the fact that I had lost one was so frustrating that I kept the other one for a whole year (!) to remind me to be more careful with my things. And now someone found the long lost shoe and is returning it to me on thursday!
- I'm performing a HUGE and EPIC number for a big burlesque show at Cafe Cleopatra this Friday and Saturday with Johnny Forever. We've been going to a lot of rehearsals and I feel stoked to be a part of this project.
- Radical Queer Semaine is coming up soon soon soon and I feel like that is going to help me re-energize and re-commit to my life.
Laura Boo
02 February 2010 @ 10:13 am
I started a bi-monthly letter writing group to keep my winter time blues away. It's called "The Winter Survival Plan Letter Writing Club". We meet at my house every 2nd Wednesday and 4th Tuesday of the month. I set out my 5 typewriters, put out lots of pens, markers, office supplies, paper, envelopes, etc. Folks come over to drink tea, eat homemade cookies, write letters and socialize with one another.

So far, we've had one evening and it was a raging success! The House of Faux Pas became a delightful obstacle course of office supplies as about 15 folks spread out around the joint, producing their love notes and letters to far off friends. The sound of 6 typewriters click clacking all at once gave me shivers! And the spread of tea time cucumber sandwiches, strawberries, cookies and chai? Ummmm.

We're doing it again next Wednesday!

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